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At Designing Change, we help clients discover what’s important, get inspired, create a plan and commit to action. We have a successful track record working with both corporate and private clients in a number of areas.

Executive Coaching: In our experience, successful executive coaching begins with a combination of understanding the organizational context and the unique leadership and interpersonal needs of the executive. Personal assessments or feedback tools reflecting the executive’s impact on others provides essential data as a starting point for setting coaching goals. Sometimes this data has recently been collected and is a trigger for the coaching conversation. Significant results are usually evident in anywhere from 3-6 months and the duration of executive coaching is often at least a year.

Leadership Development: We have frequently worked with executives, senior leaders, emerging leaders and technical/operational managers as part of a leadership development strategy sponsored by the organization. This type of coaching can involve individuals or small groups focused on the knowledge and skills required to become more effective as leaders. We also work with individuals targeted as high potential as well as senior staff valued for their technical contribution but experiencing difficulty managing others. After 3-6 months with a Designing Change coach, leaders typically are more aware of their impact on others and are more effective as leaders.

Career Planning: We use a proven, stepwise approach to career coaching beginning with where the client is, what they want, and ending with an offer of coaching support for their first three months in the new job. All aspects of the job search including looking at the current job situation, what makes the client unique and what knowledge, abilities, interests and passions they have to offer a potential employer are reviewed. If requested by the client, a specific focus on resume writing and interviewing skills is also provided. We also offer focused coaching sessions for any aspect of career planning, including preparation for a critical interview. This has been especially helpful for clients who have a pattern of getting the interview but not the job offer.

Student Career Planning: We have successfully worked with high school and college/university students to help focus on possible career choices. This type of coaching typically has three components:

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