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What clients are saying

"I am thrilled with the fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm I received from coaching with Mary.  She helped me get to the core of what is important in my life in a very short time! ."
Janet Martin, Sr Manager Cameco Corporation

"Mary's coaching was seamless, insightful, effective and a downright blast! The immediate action that I took after the coaching might otherwise have taken several months."
Renee Toker, Founding Partner Integrated Coaching Strategies Inc.

"Through her insightful questions, warm and affable encouragement and her gentle but thorough poking and prodding, Mary managed to prompt me in such a way that I couldn't help but do the obvious.. that which before seemed impossible and terrifying. Mary's coaching is a wonderful and life-affirming thing to experience!"
Christie Simmons - writer, musician, mother... and NOW recording artist!

"Coaching made me focus on what I really wanted and I felt a renewed passion for making it happen."

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